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What is the difference between a gay and a trans?

In this world, not everyone can have the same opinion and cannot have the same tastes. People have even been classified according to their tastes: gay, straight, bisexual, transgender and many more. But we often tend to confuse these names. The word "gay" and "trans" is very often mixed up for the simple reason that they have some similarities, but that does not mean that they mean exactly the same. Follow this article to find out a little more.

A big difference

People tend to confuse trans for gay, but it is true that these two terms have a few things in common. What differentiates them is rather on the origin side. To better understand, call on porno movies. A person is said to be "gay", more precisely a man, when his sexual preferences lean more towards men. In other words, the latter do not feel any physical attraction for women. On the other hand, a trans is a man who somehow doesn't feel good about himself and has preferred to lead a woman's life. That is, he dresses and behaves as such. In reality, transsexuality is more about the bodily.

Why confuse these terms?

It is normal to confuse these terms and for good reason, one gay and one who is transsexual behaves in much the same way. A gay person prefers men. In a relationship between gays, there is always one who feels like a woman, sometimes both. A transsexual is originally a man who later changed into a woman, but these changes are usually unrelated to gender. They even lead to surgery to look like a woman. Can you tell the difference now? In short, one is more about sex while the other is more about body modification.

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